General Range Questions

Stoddard’s Range and Guns welcomes shooters of all levels. If you are new to shooting, you can choose any one, or combination, of the following offerings:

• Take our, stand-alone, 30-minute, $39 Range Safety Orientation
• Purchase a $79 New Shooter Package, which includes: our 30-Minute Firearm Safety
Orientation, Gun Rental(s), one hour of range time, one target, one set of eye and ear
protection. This is a 15 percent savings if these were purchased separately.
• Enroll in either our regularly scheduled beginner Handgun One, Rifle One, or
Shotgun One course
• Schedule a private training session with one of our certified instructors.

Stoddard’s Range Safety Orientation is 30-minutes and covers the five basic firearm safety rules, a cursory overview of marksmanship fundamentals, and our range rules. It includes the safe and proper loading and unloading of a handgun, rifle or shotgun, respectively. This orientation is not designed to  teach you “how to shoot”; it is designed only to allow you to use the range safely.

Handgun or Rifle New Shooter Package: $79
Handgun plus Rifle New Shooter Combination Package: $119

We will demonstrate for you the Stoddard’s approach to safely loading, unloading and handling of a firearm to ensure that you are comfortable to perform those tasks before using the range. We ask all “first-time” visitors (regardless of their level of experience – including avid shooters and active and retired law enforcement officers and military persons) to participate in our Counter Proficiency demonstration and discussion to ensure that everyone who uses our ranges can safely load and unload all firearms they intend to shoot without violating any of the universal firearm safety rules. We have created this process to ensure the safety of everyone on the range. For those who are not comfortable using the range after our Counter Proficiency process, we offer the options described above – the Range Safety Orientation, the New Shooter Package, classes or private training.

We will also ask that you complete an electronic liability waiver (this can be done either on our website or in store), which includes an understanding of our range rules and to present a valid government issued photo ID to the range services team member.

Yes. You just need to present a government-issued photo ID (such as a passport).

We have over one hundred handguns and rifles for rent and, for one low price, you can rent any of our many firearms. To be clear, for just one rental gun fee and no additional cost, you can exchange your rental gun for another as many times as you like.

NOTE: Ammunition is not included in the rental cost and we require you to purchase ammunition from us for rental guns.

The 30-minute Range Safety Orientation is offered at the beginning of the hour, every hour between noon and 6PM.

No. But we do suggest that you arrive at the store 30 minutes before the start of the class to allow adequate time to sign a safety waiver, have your customer profile created, and tell the range associate which guns you would like to rent.

Stoddard’s Range Safety Orientation is a 30-minute presentation covering the five basic firearm safety rules followed by a cursory overview of several marksmanship fundamentals and an explanation of our range’s rules and services. The orientation concludes with a brief demonstration of the safe and proper loading and unloading of a handgun, rifle or shotgun, respectively. It’s important to know that is NOT a training academy class. This class is not designed to teach customers “how to shoot.” The purpose of the Range Safety Orientation is to grant you a fair opportunity to demonstrate that you can safely operate the firearm(s) you intend to shoot. In a Stoddard’s Training Academy class  (e.g., Handgun One, Rifle One or Everyday Handgun) the instructor will observe a structured curriculum designed to help you develop your marksmanship skills.

You need to be at least 18 to shoot a rifle or shotgun and 21 to shoot a handgun. A minor who is 10 or older with a parent or guardian is eligible to shoot a handgun, rifle or shotgun after the parent or guardian participates in the Counter Proficiency Evaluation process. For a copy of our range guardian form, which must be completed by a parent or legal guardian prior to your range visit, see our Temporary Guardian Form


Classes vary in cost. Classes start at $99. See for  details and to sign up for class. Be sure to choose the preferred Stoddard’s location on our website  before signing up. Details for the classes are also available here:

Private training sessions begin at $150 per hour, per person. For more information, please
contact us at

Registering for Classes

You can register for a class either in-store or online at

If you’re having difficulty enrolling in a course online, please refresh the page and attempt once more. If you’re still having trouble, please call the store (Midtown or Douglasville) offering the course you wish to take and ask to speak with an instructor or manager to further assist you.

NOTE: You are welcome to email us at or call us at your preferred store.


Private instruction is a great option for those who are unable to attend the regularly scheduled classes. We will put you in contact with one of our instructors to correlate a date and time that works best for you.

All students are entitled to a full refund for a cancellation if notified one week or more prior to the scheduled class day. If the cancellation is notified less than one week prior to the class day, a full credit toward another class will be issued.


The New Shooter Package includes the following: our 30-Minute Firearm Safety Orientation, Gun Rental(s), one hour of range time, one target, one set of eye and ear protection. This is a 15 percent savings if these were purchased separately.

Not all of our classes grant certificates. But, for those that do, students will receive either a Certificate of Participation or a Certificate of Achievement. Certificates of Achievement are presented to those who successfully complete the course with a passing grade.

Yes. Though a firearm rental is included in your class, you may use your own instead.

  • Course instruction (varies by course)
  • Firearm rental
  • Ear protection
  • Eye protection
  • Targets

Ammunition is not included in any classes

See for more details.

Yes. We offer women’s specific classes twice each month, at each location.

NOTE: The class is gender-specific but the instructor may be male.

Yes. We offer a Young Guns Handgun and Rifle class twice a month. The minimum age is 10 years old.  Parents must also enroll themselves and their child in the class and attend the class with their child.

You will need to bring a government-issued photo ID and comfortable attire, and also be prepared to purchase at least one box of ammunition. Be sure to check the “Gear List” for the course as stated within the course description at