Nice new building, friendly/informative staff. the first time I went, it was my first time ever shooting, and now i cant stop going. I’m even on my way there now!!!


Enjoyed our first experience shooting with you guys today. Thanks for the help in getting our scope adjusted. We will definitely be returning customers!! Friendly service, nice facility.

Dana P.

I purchased a Ruger 10/22 synthetic stock with fiber optic front and rear sights from them and the price was cheaper than anyone I researched. The staff was awesome. The salesman (Sorry but I have forgotten his name) was very patient with me and my indecisiveness. He was knowledgeable and helped me choose the one I purchased. Also Tim was the person who finialized the paperwork and finished the transaction and he was just as polite and helpful. Jason also came over to assist and he also helped me with my decision. Man what a great experience. I will go to Stoddard’s first. No more shopping around. Their prices are great or BETTER than the competition. Plus the staff cannot be beat. I really give them a 10 out of 5 stars or an A+++++++ rating!!

Bill F.

Great Store & Range. I have visited many, many gun stores and shot at many ranges around Atlanta and Stoddard’s is one of my favorites. All the staff is friendly and helpful. Some ranges are dark and a bit on the dirty or run-down side. Not Stoddard’s, it is well lit, clean and well maintained. No more guessing about how far your target is down range. At Stoddard’s you simply punch in the distance you want and off goes your target…great technology. My wife and I try to shoot there weekly. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED !!!


I have been to a few ranges with my husband over the years and never really liked any of them. They were old, dark and dreary. I love Stoddard’s. The technology used at the range is really cool and easy to use. Their bathroom is one of the nicest I’ve ever seen in a public place. They spared no expense in making it into a really nice store and range. Every person I’ve dealt is really knowledgeable and friendly.


Visited a lot of ranges in the Atlanta area & I have to say by far this the best shooting range ive been to. Employees are helpful, attentive & professional. Range quality sets the standard for all the others. Even though its a 30 min commute for me & there are other ranges closer I will only be shooting at Stoddard’s.

Emoni R.

I’m A Gun Nut..So I Like To Think I Know My Stuff..And Being A Vet… And I’ve Shot At Pretty Much All The Metro Area Ranges And By Far Stoddard’s Is The Best Indoor Range. Now I Do Love Outdoor Ranges So Thats Another Ball Game. But As Far As Indoor Ranges Go..Just Due To The Facility And The Outstanding Staff I Will Purchase A Membership In The Nearby Future. I Went In To See What They Had In Lines Of A New 1911 and the Staff Went Above And Beyond To Answer All My Questions Even Down To The Owner And That Made Me Feel Valued As A Customer Something You Don’t See These Days. Needless To Say I Made A Purchase And I Think I Finally Found A Home To Shoot At…Check These Guys Out They Are Top Notch!!!!

Chris B.

I took a gun safety class here and was very impressed. The instructor was super knowledgeable, friendly and helpful. The class curriculum was thorough and taught everything a beginner should know, and we had range time during class so the instructor could make sure we knew what we were doing. The times I’ve been in the store the staff was very nice and helpful. The range is outstanding, it’s a very nice facility. I highly recommend this store and range.

Eve E.

My first time at a Gun Range was when I stepped foot into this place during my Atlanta stay in August. Michael was extremely friendly, humorous, informative and knowledgeable…Talking to him helped ease my anxiety. I couldn’t wait to load and shoot my Pink 9 millimeter that my friend loaned me that day…I put on my eye protectors and analog muffs and I was READY!! We entered the range and at first, I was a bit startled by the sudden gunshots that rang out right next to me by the professionals LOL…But I got used to it. My friend taught me how to load, stand, aim and SHOOT!! I loaded up, aimed and FIRED!! Shot after shot…wow what an exhilarating feeling..!!

J.M. -Brooklyn

This is the place to go if you want to shoot, buy, or find ammo and supplies for shooting needs and wants. They have a great state of the art facility that no other range I have visited compares to. I recently purchased a firearm from here and it was a great buying experience. They gave me all the time I needed to look at their large selection of guns with no pressure then answered all my questions in a professional, polite manner. I highly recommend them, they always have something new so go check them out!!!!


Bought a pistol from you today. Just wanted to commend your store and staff on a perfect experience in terms of overall presentation, customer service, product knowledge and salesmanship. Your facility should be considered the model upon which all other gun stores are compared to and bench marked against. I’ve been wanting to try out a newer style polymer based/high capacity type handgun for some time now….Jason was incredibly helpful and insightful regarding the different brand’s options and figuring out what would work best for ME. I was able to test fire the unit I had narrowed down to, on your in-house range (priceless from a serious buyers standpoint), with Jason right there beside me to answer my questions the entire way through. Can’t say enough about how impressive this all was. Kudos to Stoddard’s and Jason for doing a great job! It’s rare these days in retail and you should be proud.

Clay H.

I have been to Stoddard’s several times over the last 6 months and it is the best range in metro Atlanta. Being newly built, the range is very clean and has the most modern target system I have ever used. I have visited other ranges nearby – Sandy Springs Gun Club, Wild West Traders and Quickshot, but I prefer Stoddard’s due to the great staff, good ventilation system and overall enjoyable shooting environment. As a gun enthusiast, if you have not visited Stoddard’s, you should swing by and give their facilities a shot.

Jacob U.

We were looking for something for home defense. Had shot some before, but never owned. They were super helpful in getting a gun for us picked out, showed us how to load/unload/clean it, and pointed us at their range. Range safety officer went out of his way to help us with a few tips, and the range itself was very nice. We didn’t expect this much help, as busy as this place gets, but they were all friendly and extremely helpful.

Gregory T.

Awesome range, well maintained. Programmable carriers so you just type in your distance and the zoom into place and it looks like you can program them with a routine to move and turn although I haven’t played with that yet. Rated for everything except 50 BMG. Really friendly staff, decent prices and a great location right off of I-20. Been there 4 times and I’ll probably get a membership for the year.


To the team at Stoddard’s: Great job on the new facility. I am very happy that you have taken the initiative to open a facility on the west side. To those that have not been yet, you are in for a treat. It is truly a top of the line facility. From the computer controlled lane trolleys, to the top of the line air handlers. The employees are extremely helpful and courteous.

Kurt G.

Went to Stoddard’s for an IDPA match last night. First time there, great facility, great range, everything was first rate. Top it all off I had a blast.

Richard O.

My wife and I stopped by Stoddard’s on the way to dinner last night. We didn’t go by to shoot, just to pick up my birthday present. Can you say busy? All the lanes were full and people were waiting to get their turn to shoot. I used to work in retail so I know how it gets. Sometimes when you get busy in a retail setting you move into a higher gear and some of the customer attentiveness suffers. Retail settings get very stressful as the staff tries to balance customer satisfaction with efficiency. I have gone into and worked in stores before where customers walk in the door and wind up leaving because no one even knows they are there. I say all of this because that was not what was happening yesterday at Stoddard’s. People were greeted as they walked in the door and everyone was having a good time. The employees spent time with the customers and made them feel like they were the only ones in the store. People were laughing and joking but everyone was still being taken care of in a timely manner. Good job guys!

Bill S.

Had a wonderful experience here. The employees were not only knowledgable, but very funny. They were good guys and treated everyone with a lot of respect. I really enjoyed their store, and the prices were good. I was impressed that at least one gun shop in Metro Atlanta hasn’t increased prices outrageously.

Mitch R.

5 star range staff is friendly an (po) Ken is top notch very patient and informative.

Curtis F.

Took the wife to Stoddard’s today and we had a really good time. My wife really enjoyed the place bc it was clean and safe. They have a few guys in the range at all times making sure everyone is happy and cleaning up the brass. The range is top notch. Their customer service is great.

Chris H.

This place is the best gun range ever. Everyone is helpful and makes for an excellent adventure. They are very informed and can explain anything without ‘mansplaining’ or condescending. Thursday is Ladies Night!

Datsy M.

Thank you for a fantastic first shooting experience for my friend, Austin. We had a great time at the range and I just wanted to share the photos we took last night. The range is top of the line and I expect you have just gained another lifetime shooter. Keep up the great work!

Nathan J.

Folks, this is a first class operation. If you enjoy shooting, you’ll enjoy Stoddard’s. Had a big testimonial written up but it wont post here on FaceBook, too many words!!!!!
The wife and I attended the first Home Defense class Tuesday night and have nothing but praise to give to Gary Shumate and for Stoddards for offering this class. We highly recommend this class as it is very comprehensive regarding the subject.

Russ L.

I found Stoddard’s on a Google search. When I arrived it was super clean, had brass not been present on the shooting line, I would have thought I was in a country club! Even the bathroom as cleaner than mine. The use of the range target was outstanding! You just tape your $1 dollar target onto some cardboard and punch in your distance on an easy to use keypad. The keypad did more than I knew how to do, but I just input distance – and the target gets ready fast. Click target home and it comes back!… Stoddard’s does not know “who walks in the door” but their friendliness really helped me today….That is when I realized I found my beach. I even told the associate I found my beach, he looked at me kind of weird…beach he said? I said, “some people go to the beach to relax…I found my beach today” and I though but did not express… for a combat tested Marine – this beach is within reach! As soon as can, I am becoming a member of this outstanding place!!! This place is more than a range, it’s an experience.

Steve N.

Went in and absolutely enjoyed it! This place is amazingly up to date and then some. Will be my new place to practice!

Jacob R.

Prior to setting foot inside a gun shop & range, I did a lot of research. I’d fired shotguns and rifles growing-up but never a handgun. From the first visit onward, Stoddard’s staff was friendly, patient, and knowledgeable. They answered every question (some intelligent, some not so much) I had. Jason, especially, spent time with me explaining everything from the basics to the nuances of different handguns. Because of all the information I collected (in store, online, and via friends) and selection offered, Stoddard’s is where I chose to make my first handgun purchase. Now, I look forward to returning as soon as possible and spending more time on the range.


Stoddards has friendly and knowledgable staff who will go out of their way to help you. The range is one of the BEST I have been to. I have been to several in the surrounding area including Wild West and the new Adventure Outdoors range. The ventilation system and cleanliness of Stoddards is by far the best, not to mention the touch screen target controls. I went to Adventure Outdoors and was ignored at the gun counter as they continued to help several other males who were in line BEHIND me. Females are not ignored here! Stoddards has a great range with a great staff. You will continue to have my business. As a member of public safety I would like to see maybe a small discount (with ID) when renting a lane to shoot on. Just a thought.

Rosemary M.

This place is phenomenal!! It is a pleasure to walk in there. All the guys that work there are AMAZING!! I highly recommend it!

Xhenet O.

What a great day! To have a clean, cool, well ran place to shoot right here in my backyard! Spent two hours with you folks today and you know i’ll be a regular pest from now on. Look forward to my next visit…..tomorrow?

Gary B.