SIG Sauer traces its history back to the 1700s and it has come a long way from building wagon wheels in Switzerland in the 1800s. SIG’s P320 handgun has been chosen by the US Army as its official handgun. The US Army has made that choice to replace its official handgun for only the third time in a century. From its production of modular handguns and rifles to popular optics, silencers and ammo, the second oldest firearm company in the world has been busy. Tom Taylor, SIG’s Chief Marketing Officer and EVP, Commercial Sales, has spent 15 years in the firearms industry and loves the innovation reflected in SIG’s products: what SIG produces for today’s military and for the commercial market. In this podcast, Tom traces his marketing and sales experience from driving a delivery truck for Coca Cola to working for the company that produces modular firearms using the latest in robotics. He is most gratified when he sees “a box of freedom being shipped out the door.”