What do you do when you are serving your country overseas in Iraq and you just can’t find a good cup of coffee? First you bring your own coffee with you. Then you learn how to roast your own coffee beans to serve yourself and your buddies a good cup of coffee. Evan Hafer, who says he fell in love with espresso, started the veteran owned and operated Black Rifle Coffee company in 2014 in his basement. Last year Black Rifle Coffee sold a million pounds of coffee. Evan has been roasting his own blends for over a decade. Offering roasts with names like AK-47 Blend, Silencer Smooth, Death Punch, Just Black and Gunship, Black Rifle Coffee has developed a following among veterans, active-duty military, law enforcement, supporters of the 2nd Amendment and others who just appreciate good coffee. I spent some time with Evan to discuss his service as a Green Beret, his role as CEO of Black Rifle Coffee Company, his experience as a firearms trainer and just what it takes to roast great coffee.