Stoddard’s Steel Challenge

Mark your calendars and come join us for our new Steel League! Learn the art of speed and precision while shooting indoors at steel targets in a fun and competitive environment. We will host competitions at both locations. Stoddard’s members receive a free box of Inceptor Frangible Ammunition at the time of the event.

Steel Matches draw in shooters from all areas of shooting sports. It’s fun to watch AND easy to participate in and understand. Speed is the key. Steel shooting creates a much less intimidating setting for participants than practical shooting does and is a great place for young or beginner shooters to start.

Start position, low ready with elbows touching the ribcage and the muzzle perpendicular to the backstop. Each competitor will shoot three courses of fire. Scoring is based on time. The competitor who shoots all of the steel plates the fastest and in correct order wins the match. No restrictions on number of rounds per magazine.



No concealed carry or open carry are allowed on any competitor during the match, loaded or un-loaded.
Firearms must be cased or bagged; no holsters can be used during the match.
Single Action firearms are required to engage the safety during the make-ready command.
Double Action/Single Action firearms are required to de-cock at the make ready command.Requirements

All participants are required to purchase Inceptor Frangible Ammunition from Stoddard’s. No exceptions.
Calibers available and allowed: 9mm,.40 and.45.
Participants must wear eye & ear protection at all times in the range.
All participants must sign a Stoddard’s liability waiver.

What is the refund policy?

No refunds. Participants may move to a different match time/date upon request.